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Domain Name Value: How to Know if You Should Renew Your Domain Name? Renew Domain Name If you own a domain names or several domain names, then you are inevitably going to have to answer t the questions: what is my domain name worth? But, more importantly, every year at renewal time you’re going to ask yourself: Should I renew this domain name? Well, as someone who owns a considerable amount of domain names, I frequently have to make that decision on a regular basis–and have come up with my own internal checklist that helps me decide whether I should... (More)
Who is more dick? Dicker of course. The guy that doesn’t pay the money he owes for years, then says he will pay (after first saying he will not!) and then fails to pay again.
I try to be diligent about setting a “real” minimum offer I would consider. Depending on circumstances, I may consider selling a domain name in that ballpark. For instance, if I have a sales dry spell right after paying taxes, I might consider selling closer to the minimum than if I have been killing it.