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Domain Name tips Using Keywords

Using A Keyword Based Domain Name to Generate More Traffic

A proper domain name is essential to guiding traffic to your website. If your domain name seems like it completely unrelated to the topic of your website, then there's a perfect chance that it won't draw the traffic that you desire. By adding keywords to your domain name, you can then make it a driving force to rank high in search engine results. Your position on a list of sites found based on a keyword search in Google, Yahoo, & MSN could be severely impacted by a website that does... (More)

Website Domains and Keyword Significance

When first learning how to make a website, many people believe that the sole way to get your website noticed on the Internet, is by using keyword rich domain names. Others say that as long as your website has the keywords in it, then it is fine that way.

This theory can be put to the test by searching the Internet for spiders, making a list of keywords, and writing down all of your progress. This takes some time, and it involves a lot of effort. An easier way is by doing a search on Google. Spending too much time... (More)

Understanding And Mastering Keyword Rich Domain Names And PPC Marketing

By John Khu

Keyword enriched domain names offer you several benefits and advantages. Just by looking at your domain name, someone can tell you about the main theme of your website. In fact, keywords can help you create a brand name for your business. Furthermore, the keyword enriched domain names can help you advertise and promote your web portal by using the most modern method of search engine optimization (SEO). However, the merit and applicability of SEO efforts depend directly on the quality of the domain names in relation to their keywords. Hence, the importance of keywords in SEO is... (More)