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top level domains

Time to pay attention to the next round of new TLDs?

FEBRUARY 18, 2022


In 2009, I attended a SedoPro event in Key West, Florida. We talked a bit about the imminent arrival of new top level domain names on one of the panels. Antony Van Covering, who founded new TLD company Minds + machines, lamented that he had been working on new TLDs since the early aughts.

It would be another couple of years after that discussion before Van Covering and other companies could apply for the domains, and still another couple before they saw the light of day.

So here we are again, chattering about another... (More)

History of .BIZ Domain Name

The .BIZ top-level domain was to be a “restricted domain” limited to only those parties who intend to use the domain for a “bona fide business or commercial use.” A bona fide business or commercial use or intent to use was defined as “(i) to exchange goods, services, or property of any kind; or (ii) in the ordinary course of trade or business; or (iii) to facilitate the exchange of goods, services, information, or property of any kind or the ordinary course of trade or business.” It was not considered a bona fide business or commercial use to use or... (More)

Top Level Domains

By Brian J White

Choosing the correct TLD (top-level domain) or extension for your site, may be a tough process, especially if the .com version of the name isn’t on the market.

The majority of people tend to shoot for a .com website before accepting the possibility of having different extension. This, however, isn’t the only effective way to create a great domain name; thanks to TLDs that offer specificity typed extensions that best describe the nature and intent of a website. Regarding TSLs, every one has its own supposed function.

For someone that doesn’t perceive these functions or the... (More)