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There are 3 primary reasons why one website links to another:

- It has high domain authority
- It posts high-quality content
- It doesnโ€™t follow any black hat SEO techniques

Is Automated Traffic Something To Consider?

Automated traffic - What's it about?

There are many, different services that offer some sort of traffic exchange. Some require you to click, and browse other people's web pages. As this is a requirement for everyone, your site will be seen by everyone using the same system.

Other programs - known as autosurfs - are based on the same idea, but instead of clicking links, the script does it for you. The good thing about it is; you do not have to browse, or even watch a single page to earn "page views". The downside is quite obvious; there... (More)

The Right Domain Name Drives More Website Traffic

There is no doubt that many search engines factor the words you use in your domain name and web page URLs into website ranking algorithm in search results.

In the Advanced Link Building session of Search Engine Strategies Conference in NY City on March 8, 2004, Craig Silverstein, Google's Director of Technology, pointed out that it's better to use hyphens than underscores in domain names because within Google's parsing policy underscores in domains are treated as letters while treating hyphens are viewed more like spaces.

Craig also recommends you put descriptive words in page titles and URLs as signals to... (More)