On the subject of deciding upon the ideal domain name, it in actual fact must result from a lot more than just a name that's catchy. There are explicit things you should and shouldn't do that may increase the amount of traffic your webpage receives, of course the main focus of your website influence which techniques will work best for you. Following are a number of domain name search features to take into account next time you may in the market for a new domain name.

First, you must determine what the goal of your website is going to be and how you plan on getting your visitors. If you are developing a site to sell a product or service on the web, your website name needs to be something directly associated with the products or services. To dramatically enlarge the amount of organic traffic (this is the traffic that essentially 'happens' on your website because the search phrase they used corresponds to the keywords you have used for your sites' domain name as well as any on-site search engine optimization you may have done) you need to select a domain name that is a highly searched for search word or phrase. domain name search, domain name, domain names

To illustrate, let's look at a specific niche market on dog training. Let's say that you've done keyword or key phrase research on this topic, and you have found the phrase 'simple dog training" gets a large amount of monthly searches, and it does not have much competition. That is going to be a terrific keyword that you can try to rank for. If you were able to get a domain name which was "" you would probably receive a lot of free visitors.

If this sounds like your chief goal, you may want to also take into consideration using a .net or a .org extension, especially if any non-organic traffic you see will come from links in articles or PPC which individuals will just click on in contrast to typing in the web address (this is important because if people are actually going to type the address into their browser bar they're inclined to type a .com than any other extension). You may also have a domain name that may be a bit longer, normally no more than four words is a useful goal. domain name search, domain name, domain names

If the purpose of the website is being to inspire people to tell their associates and recommend others have a look at it, you'll definitely require a shorter, easier to recall domain name because most people will have to type the domain name into their browser on their own as opposed to just click a link, and the more lengthy the domain name (or if you have an unusual extension) people will very often mistype it and not arrive at your internet site. It is also best to steer clear of domain names that include hyphens if you expect to have quite a lot of your traffic to come from people who key in your domain name. If you're relying on clickable links, you can be a bit more easygoing about it, but don't go for including upwards of one hyphen.

When you find a number of plausible domain names, it's time to see if they are actually available to purchase. To do that, head over to a website such as,, or try a search for others on the web. Type in your desired domain name to find out if it is actually available. Don't be shocked if your preferred choice (or more) is already taken. Should you buy one domain, individually, for 1 year it should cost about ten dollars per year (it is possible for you to receive rate reductions if you buy more than a particular number at a time or if you choose to register a name for more than one year at one time)? If at all possible, register your domain name for two years, at a minimum, especially if you would like to rank on Google.